$81,000+ in Ecommerce Sales with a 5.28x ROAS Using Facebook Ads in 1 Month

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

A Black Friday-Cyber Monday Success Story – Before we started handling the advertising efforts of a Fitness Store, they were struggling hard to maintain break-even. Learn how we took over the account and turned it into a money-making machine.

The Results

In 1 Month from Nov 15th, 2020 to Dec 15th, 2020:

– The brand achieved sales of $81,000+ on a Facebook ad spend of $15,000!

– The average ROAS achieved was 5X+!

– 1,126,882 products were sold!

The Challenge

To get 2X ROAS using Facebook Ads

The Process

To get the results we desired, we:

– Identified the core problem: the ad spend was not being used properly. Instead, the store was spending most of the ad spend on traffic campaigns.

– Turned off all irrelevant campaigns.

– Launched a “Conversion” campaign, considering that the primary goal was increased sales.

– Started RFT testing to get winning assets quickly.

– Designed dynamic ads with engaging graphics and minimal, client-centric copy addressing the pain points of the brand’s customers.

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