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Updated: Jun 21, 2021

An E-Commerce Store SEO Case Study. An eCommerce store in Houston, TX needed Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services to replace their PPC ad spend. Learn more about how we did it.

The Challenges

? This E-commerce store SEO client was just starting out in a niche market

? There was fierce competition from the bigger brands

? The client did not have much room for the content

? 90% of the marketing budget was going into the PPC and Facebook ads

? Organic traffic was less than 20 sessions per day on average

Our Strategy

- We did a complete audit of the site and a competitor analysis

- Based on the data we created a detailed plan to follow

- All the technical issues were resolved in the first phase

- We started creating content around the specific keywords

- We focused more on long-tail keywords rather than more generic keywords

- This approach helped us compete with the bigger competitors

- We added regular, high-quality backlinks for the site

- AMP – assisted their development team in creating accelerated mobile pages

The Results

- The organic traffic increased by 93% in 9 months

- The revenue increased by 69%

- Search engine rankings improved every month compared to bigger competitors

- Domain authority and page authority increased significantly

- In a matter of 6 months we started earning natural backlinks for the site

- We created and indexed hundreds of new pages for the site

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