Our Mission

We help Ecommerce & Regenerative Medicine Practices get more customers and appointments through expert innovative use of digital marketing, online advertising and branding.  We strive to create more revenue and free up time for our clients to spend more time with their families and focus on their specialties.

Our Story

It all started learning about eCommerce and selling products such as knives and trending products.  We built our brand on a dining room table (literally). We did it through a lot of trial and error, a lot of hustle, a ton of hard work and an innovative use of digital marketing, advertising and branding.


After realizing the amount of time, money  and effort it took to learn all the marketing strategies, systems and tech was invaluable, we decided to shift focus.

We made it our passion to use our skills that we have learned to help other people and their businesses grow and scale through digital marketing.  We genuinely get more gratification each and every day being in business to help others than just for ourselves.  We realize the importance of family, and work with the goal in mind of freeing up more of our clients' time so they may focus more of their personal time and energy with what matters most.


We perfected the art and science of creating engaging, disruptive social media content, keyword and competitor research, and developing highly effective marketing strategies that generate quality traffic and converts them to customers.  All while increasing your current customer lifetime value.


Our formula can integrate and sync up with your company's infrastructure to enable you to change the perspective of your business, forever.  We will be with you side by side every step of the way as you scale your business.  We will make a valiant effort to continue to add value to you as you grow.  

Unleash the possibilities.


Jonathan Morales is the founder, owner and CEO of Second Nature Marketing, a Veteran-Owned business.  He has served his country since 2006 and continues to serve his country honorably.  Throughout the years, he has acquired many leadership skills and mastered the skill of managing a team.  He also mastered interpersonal skills such as active listening, teamwork, responsibility, dependability, motivation, flexibility, punctuality, patience, verbal judo, and persuasion.  

These skills translate to how he interacts with his team, clients and family.  He takes on all projects with a systematic approach and ensures standard operating procedures are adhered to.  If you do business with Jonathan Morales, all of his qualities will resonate throughout your marketing strategies and campaigns.

Experienced Leadership